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Keefe Duhon, the owner of Concrete Revolution, LLC, founded the company over twelve years ago. A decorative concrete floor that he saw in a restaurant while on vacation was the inspiration for Keefe.  After years of research into the process, and a good deal of personal experimentation, the art of decorative concrete became his passion.

Keefe started by completing side jobs here and there and quickly discovered a real need for decorative and polished concrete. He started Concrete Revolution, LLC, to provide interior and exterior decorative concrete services in New Iberia & Lafayette, Louisiana area. 

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 Keefe Duhon has a remarkable skill set that I have not seen in the decorative concrete industry in a long time. He is one of the greats in this industry, and I do not doubt that his work will not only improve but grow this market. I have worked with some of the best artists in the world, capturing their craft and helping them build amazing brands.

  His driven approach as an industry leader in building a legacy while assisting others in finding success is nothing short of legendary, and I'm very proud to be working with him throughout his journey. 

- Jody Smith  Going Coastal Web

Keefe is also a decorative concrete trainer on Behind The Trowels an online training site showcasing all areas of decorative concrete instruction. He is also the owner of Maverick Surface Preparations that offers the very best concrete grinders and polishers in the Decorative Concrete Market.

This site will continue to grow as Keefe's entire career along with brands are built in the decorative concrete industry. They will all be showcased all in one location telling the full story of this great artist.

Thank You for your continued support!

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