Scorpion Side Pointer System

The Scorpion Side Pointer System is ideal for all decorative concrete patterns that require evenly spaced cut lines, such as hardwood, tile, slate, and many more. No more time wasted snapping chalk lines all over the surface, saving you time and labor costs.

Compatible with Mongoose XMongoose 3CobraLil’ Beaverand SawKart

For Installation of:

  • Engraving spaced design cuts for:

  • Wood plank

  • Tile patterns

  • Parallel cuts


  • Easily attaches to all Engrave-A-Crete Saws, including the Cobra, Mongoose X, Mongoose 3, and Little Beaver.

  • Simply screw the Scorpion Side Pointer onto the side of your tool, set the desired width, and you’re ready to go.

  • Snap one initial chalk line and cut. Then line the Scorpion Side Pointer up to that cut line and use it as a guide to cut the next line. Just keep moving over using the previous cut line as a guide until the entire job is done.

  • Comes with various length tubes that connect together to give you the flexibility you need to match the job, whether you’re cutting a 4” plank pattern, a 12” plank pattern, an even wider tile pattern, or a custom job.

  • Pointers fold up and out of the way as you get close to walls or barriers.